"Yelda" (working title)

Game Design, Writing, Music

"Yelda" is a point & click adventure game, a collaboration with Eran Shabi. It follows Yelda, a young witch whose mother suspiciously disappears one morning. Her quest to find her mother exposes her to the strange wide world around her hometown, to an immediate threat to the entire region, and to the story of the ancient Wiz clan from which she is descended.

The game design is a slight departure from traditional inventory-based adventure games, and is more akin to the likes of Loom. Instead of conventional verbs, the player gradually acquires new magic spells by finding the ingredients for them and mixing them in a magical portable cauldron.

My duties in this project are mostly creative: I do the writing and the music, and a fair chunk of the game design, mapping the player progression and individual puzzles into coherent charts for Eran to implement.

The game has been indefinitely postponed as we got busier with our respective careers.