What Do We Do Now?

Programming, Sound Design

"What Do We Do Now?" is a visual puzzle game developed during GGJ 2015 by a team of eight students (with varying levels of involvement), in which I was effectively both lead programmer and sound designer.

The background music for this game consists of a four note marimba loop which subtly rises in pitch until the puzzle is solved, at which point it reverts to its original pitch. The "Wrong!" sound, which is played whenever the player pushes a button irrelevant to the current puzzle, is comprised of a dissonant double stop on the viola. Its pitch is also slightly altered each time to prevent a repetitive grating sound. The "Correct!" sound is meant to offer temporary relief from the tension built by the background loop, while masking its sharp drop in pitch as it resets. The jingle which accompanies the game's ending is an organic continuation of the background loop and offers final musical closure.

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Global Game Jam 2015 Page

The game was later featured in the museum that hosted the game jam as part of its video game exhibition, where it was fully playable on site.

Art by Adi Gallili

Art by Adi Gallili