Shaky Shack

Programming, Music

"Shaky Shack" is a physics based building game developed during the first MIT-Shenkar Meaningful Games Workshop by a team of four students. Players are tasked with protecting the "Dumpling", a helpless garbage dwelling creature, from various disasters by building a sufficiently sturdy home.

I was one of two coders on the project, alongside Erwin Hilton. Our main accomplishment was creating a level editor of sorts within the Unity3D editor, which allowed our designer, Michal Skurnik, to quickly iterate on level design; we ended up with 8 polished levels despite only having 5 weeks of production. All art in the game was produced by Shiri Blumenthal.

I also made original music for the game, which was subsequently remixed into alternate tracks by Jamie Billings; this effectively doubled the number of tracks in the game and allowed us to have slight variation during gameplay.