Let's Splash

Programming, Sound Design

"Let's Splash!" is a game where up to three players compete to push their floating object to the goal at the end of the puddle by tapping and creating waves. It was my contribution to Global Game Jam 2017.

It deliberately mocks the concepts of competition, feedback loops and "juiciness". The match never ends, and the game can be "won" repetitively by all players, which is acknowledged by the text and narration.

I programmed this game together with Nitzan Hadad. She picked up my slack during the second day of the jam, as I failed to sleep during the night and was awake for roughly 38 hours. Eran Shabi and Shahar Korren were in charge of art and animation (but not respectively). The voices are mostly me, though Eran did donate a very notable 'splish'.