"Chunnel" is a mobile multiplayer co-op game designed and developed as a midterm project for Shenkar College. Two players are tasked with finding one another within a procedurally generated maze. The game is  very loosely inspired by the digging of the Channel Tunnel connecting France and Britain. I was the sole programmer on this game and was heavily involved in its design.

Players can either sit together in a room and use the different terrain features to find one another, or play remotely and only use in-game audio and visual cues. While the main goal is cooperative, players can get competitive as well by trying to collect as many gems as they can before they meet. This adds a degree of tension to the game's main objective, as players may overdo their gem chasing and run out of fuel. Upon successfully meeting the players are rewarded with a zoomed out view of the entire gameplay area, which is uniquely generated for each session.