Working on "What Do We Do Now" during the second day of GGJ 2015

Photo Credit: Din Aharoni

Mickey Hoz,

game developer, composer.

Despite an earlier background in translation, my growing interest in game development and need for a creative outlet have both led me to the game design and development program at Shenkar College, where I graduated with distinction, having also participated over the summer in the MIT-Shenkar Meaningful Games Workshop.

Since then I have been working mainly as a Unity developer, while steadily expanding my horizons to different development environments and approaches.

My fondness for the dynamic music systems present in classic Lucasarts adventure games and many recent Nintendo titles have led to semi-obsessive experimentation with dynamic music and musically expressive sound effects, which are present in most of my personal or smaller scale projects.

I believe in games as an art form and as a force for change, and that at some point it will be redundant to say so.

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